12th - 14th June 2020

RestartIndia Hackathon

Post COVID19 India will never return to the way that it was; together, we can bring about change and invent a bright new future.

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RestartIndia Mission

Why Restart India?

RestartIndia Online Hackathon 2020 is an initiative for building solutions around problems that arose due to the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic.

RestartIndia Hackathon invites techies from India’s student and professionals community to adopt the Think→Ideate→Code→Build→Deploy framework on their solutions to fight the problems running rampant.

Given the massive disruption caused by pandemic on the Indian economy and the people, there is a strong need to orchestrate an organised move to fight and prevent the Indian economy from capsizing. And as it is, we’ve seen unemployment figures in India rise by 20% and nearly 140 million people across various sectors losing employment during the lockdown within a month. We believe it's more important than ever to think about the future and make a positive difference for all us Indians. .

  • India will never return to the way that it was; together, we can bring about change and invent a bright new future.




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Restart India Hackathon Themes


There are problems which are running rampant across the world and India alike. We have identified some major themes on which a team can identify the problems plaguing the country. However, if a team feels that there is some other theme that is equally worthy of a solution, they can register that idea under the Others theme. These are 8 themes on which a team can come up with a solution-


Imagine Efficient and Safe Personal Business travel post COVID19.


How will you make sure the learning journey continues?


Help the Entertainment Industry survive COVID19 crisis.


Re-imagine affordable & accessible healthcare for all.


Solutions around bringing society back on toes again.


Revive the Jobs, Businesses and Companies post crisis.

Food & Restaurant

Revive the hunger saviours post the COVID crisis..


If your innovation is beyond these categories bur still related to Covid.

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Organising Team

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Vijay Sharma
Lead Organiser
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Vijay Javaraiah
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Anvika Sharma
Marketing Lead
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Jitender Singh
Operations Lead
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Swagatika Tripathy
Technical Lead
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Ashutosh Asthana
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Sumit Anand
Team Member
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Manjunath Shet
Team Member
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Ravinder Singh
Team Member

Frequently Asked Questions

You can Pitch your proposal here.

Yes, but you will not be eligible for winning a price, Only the team which implements a viable solution is eligible for winning a prize.

Teams can be up to 5 people. Individual hacker is also allowed to hack alone.

No, At any point you can be part of only one team.

There are no cost associated with attending the Hackathon. The event is free to attend, Everything will be provided by our team and sponsors.

A Hackathon is an short sprint of Invention where you can work with people to build a project in a short span of time. Hackathon should not be confused with Hacking and this it is not about hacking into a system, It’s instead about hacking by way of building something together and learning a lot during the process.